Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.


Our Needs

Divine School is a special ray of hope for the helpless, poor, orphan and handicapped children in the area of education with inner peace and beauty. Divine School is the only one such school in Roorkee (India) where we give free quality education to the children who belong to very low, helpless and ignorant areas of society. 

This school was established in the year 2008 by Mr. Sudhir Kumar with the divine inspiration of God with class from 1st – 3rd. At that time only 35 students were admitted. Presently we have 250 students till class 12th.

The school is giving free facilities to the students by providing all the teaching materials like stationary, uniforms (summer & winter), school bags, water bottles, tiffins, shoes and socks, meals etc. No fee is being charged from the students. We spend a handsome amount on these children every year. As we give free education and do not compromise with the facilities. The education is given in a healthy atmosphere where the building is neat and clean, classrooms are well-furnished with computer facility in each class. For the students there are swings for recreation, safe drinking water, water cooler, medical facility and healthy meals time to time. With all these qualities, Divine School is different from other schools which makes it a ‘Divine Temple’.

How it works?

The school basically runs on donations primarily of two types such as casual donation and adoption. Under casual donation, they undertake all the donations by people and organizations in whatever amount it may come to incur all the administrative and infrastructural expenses of the school. It can be both in the form of money or material.

We do not only give the education but also give training to the students in computer, yoga, gardening and also extracurricular. We also give training to the girls in tailoring & textile designing for which we provide all the tailoring materials without any charges. After completion of the course we give a new sewing machine with certificate to all pass out girls.

Firstly the school was running in the rental building but it was felt that our own building is necessary for proper education of the students. For this purpose the rental building was purchased & a new school building was constructed after dismantling the old building. Now our school is running in our own new building with neat, clean & airy 14 rooms. All this was possible with the valuable donations from the individuals & society. We have also maintained the computer lab, library, music room for our school’s children.

The school functions like Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Holi, Diwali etc. are celebrated in the school.

From Time to time we also served healthy food to our school children. We also perform the medical camps for checkup of the students 2 times in a year. We have not received any financial help from the government organizations.

Just like every other school, this school also aims at imparting education to the small children. But in here, there lies a special motivation that is to impart education to all poor and needy children to make their lives worth living without treating them in a different way. The founder’s main aim is to impart spiritual upliftment to the students there by satisfying their basic necessities in life to gift them a normal and creative life.

The admission process of the school is also unique. They call in for the parents and students to come six times in a row to express their willingness in providing education to their ward. It is thoroughly scrutinized that the applicant family is really poor or not. The students write test series and their results are given to their parents. Based on the report, final counseling of the selected few ones is done after which they are called for admission and registration process with actually no costs involved anywhere in the process or thereafter. The admission council mainly gives admission to those children who are willing to study and there basic rule is to give admission to only one child per family but there are exceptional cases where they find it hard to neglect highly enthusiast children of the family.

The education is given in a healthy atmosphere where the building is neat and clean, class rooms are well-furnished with computer facility in each class. For the students there are swings for recreation, safe drinking water, medical facility and healthy meals time to time. Along with the normal education, the students are given training in the following – Students are given computer education to relate them with modern technology. Students work on plants so that sensitive feelings arise in their hearts for nature.